Permanent exhibition

The history of the state is more exciting than ever! The State Archaeological Museum is showing its legacy.

With around 10,000 carefully selected exhibits, the permanent exhibition offers a fascinating glimpse into the 130,000-year cultural history of Brandenburg. Spread across 2,000 m², the nine exhibition rooms take visitors on a journey through history: from the Stone Age to the Bronze and Iron Ages, the Migration Period to the Slavs and through the Middle Ages into the Modern Age.

In addition to hand axes and arrowheads, some of the oldest archaeological findings in the state of Brandenburg include one of the oldest textiles in the world, the fishing net from Friesack, Neolithic gold rings from a burial site and a skull that underwent a successful trepanning operation (ancient operation where a hole was drilled into the patient’s skull).

Once people started to use bronze casting, centres of power began to be formed. A two-wheel miniature wagon made from bronze was found in Eiche (Potsdam), and complex burial rituals provide insight into life during the Bronze Age.

Strange and unique in the state of Brandenburg, visitors will also encounter a young woman who arrived here during the Migration Period in the 5th century. Her skull was artificially deformed during childhood in accordance with Hunnic custom.

Another impressive find is the large Slavic hoard of coins, mainly consisting of Saxon pennies, that was found in Plänitz and dates from the 11th/12th century. Remains of a horn, probably a souvenir from a pilgrimage to Aachen, a scallop shell from Santiago de Compostela, other pilgrim’s tokens and small holy figurines provide evidence of long-distance journeys and religiousness in cities during the Late Middle Ages.

The Early Modern Age also shines, in the truest sense of the word: Hoards of coins show the ups and downs of the economy from the 16th to the 20th century and tell us a little about the lives of people associated with this.

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